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Nova Southeastern Students

If you are a Nova Fischler College of Education student, you have a unique hurdle. The ARC's final format review is rigorous; your document must have practically perfect formatting and APA style. If you've gone through three editors and still had your paper rejected, do not worry. I guarantee I can get your document approved. I have a 100% success rate, and almost always on the first pass.

The ARC website has the links for the AD Procedures Manual and dissertation templates. Do not use an editor who has no experience with Fischler. You may be in a hurry, but if you choose poorly, you will end up having to pay for another editor and an extra semester in the end. So be prepared. Just take a deep breath, go to your mental happy place, and know that you will get through.

TESTIMONIALS & FEEDBACK From Some Fischler Graduates:

Jennifer, I hit the Editor Lotto with you! When we first talked about my goals, you said, "Let's beat your deadline." At that very moment, I knew I struck gold. Within a week of sending you my work, you completed the edits. Whenever I had technical questions, you responded timely and with expertise. You are, indeed, both an APA and formatting guru. My final dissertation was approved within a week of submission, and it passed through Nova's format review at the speed of light. There is no doubt in my mind that hiring you was the single best decision I made towards completing my dissertation. Again, a million thanks, Jennifer–it was an absolute privilege to work with you! Dr. Erika Weiss, NSU.

Just wanted to inform you that the dissertation has passed content & format review with no corrections needed, the FIRST TIME. Thank you so very much! You are just phenomenal! I could not have gotten through this process had it not been for your expertise. I see why you came highly recommened. You are truly the best in this line of business. Dr. J. Chatman

Thanks again for your hard work on my behalf. I will be sure to recommend your services to others; it has been an outstanding professional experience working with you. Dr. K. Urban, Outstanding Dissertation Award

For me, final format review was a surreal, "Alice in Wonderland" experience. Thanks Jenn for getting me through it as quickly and painlessly as humanely possible. Dr. D. Berman

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work and assistance. You were absolutely amazing. Very efficient, thorough, and helpful. You are an APA EXPERT and can back up anything you say with references. You came through with all of your promises and met all of my expectations. I would recommend you to any and every one I know in need of an editor. The experience was a pleasure. Once again, THANK YOU! Dr. April D. Jones

Jenn - within 24 hours of submitting my revised dissertation to [ARC], I received notification that my dissertation had passed the final approval process!! No further questions asked. Thank you so much for your expertise. I literally do not know what I would have done without your assistance. Your fee was money well spent and worth every penny to me. Dr. D. Rush

Jennifer- Last year this time you and I were just getting my dissertation in order—this year my dissertation won a Distinguished Dissertation Award. WOW, you are a huge part of this incredible honor, so I thank you over and over for your excellent work. Dr. L. Rohrbaugh, Distinguished Dissertation Award

I just wanted you to know that my dissertation was approved today! I thank you so much for your support, guidance, and patience throughout the process. I truly feel that without your knowledge of the Nova Southeastern process and your excellent edit and APA skills, I would have had a very difficult if not impossible time finishing my dissertation on time. Feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you again. Dr. J. Cox

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my dissertation was accepted and made it through the Final Format Review Process. You and your services were absolutely wonderful. You were a God send. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you. I would love to serve as a reference should you ever need me to. Dr. T. Lowe-Preer

Jennifer you are heaven sent! Thank you a million times. Dr. C. Crum

Thanks for everything!! If you don't mind I will recommend you to the others who will need your services in the future. Dr. V. Evans

Thanks for your assistance. My advisor wanted your e-mail address. She was impressed with your editing skills. Dr. B. Murrell

I received notice from [ARC] today that the final format review is approved. Thank you for rescuing me! Please feel free to use me as a reference if you would like to. Dr. A. Tanner