Client Testimonials for Jennifer Cook

Once again, you are the greatest editor that lives. Dr. Walter Brooks

Jennifer Ellen Cook is a master of APA style and knows her way around a dissertation. She is a pleasure to work with and her turnaround time is impressive. If you need help with your writing or just someone to look over and edit your paper, I highly recommend Jennifer Cook. I passed my format review on the first submission of my dissertation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Dr. Bret Ginsberg

Jennifer, I hit the Editor Lotto with you! When we first talked about my goals, you said, "Let's beat your deadline." At that very moment, I knew I struck gold. Within a week of sending you my work, you completed the edits. Whenever I had technical questions, you responded timely and with expertise. You are, indeed, both an APA and formatting guru. My final dissertation was approved within a week of submission, and it passed through Nova's format review at the speed of light. There is no doubt in my mind that hiring you was the single best decision I made towards completing my dissertation. Again, a million thanks, Jennifer–it was an absolute privilege to work with you! Dr. Erika Weiss, NSU.

Thank you so much for helping me complete my doctorate. Your work is exceptionally perfect. Dr. Annette Oswald.

Ms. Cook, as I sit here almost a year later and reflect on the quality of your work I am still amazed. I had been through countless other editors that were not able to deliver the finished product. I will never forget the day that I receive notice that my dissertation had PASSED final format review (less than 24 hours). I was speechless; it took me a few minute to catch my breath. You delivered the goods just like you said you would. Thank you for your professionalism. You should be in the Hall of Fame for editors. Dr. Rowland Cummings, NSU

Jennifer is a crackerjack editor who is a great partner and a complete joy to work with. Thanks to her expert editing, my dissertation sailed through final format review on the first try, just as she had promised. When I opened the "final approval checklist," next to every item I saw: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes... and the only comment was "Congratulations!" Her responsiveness and timeliness in the final stages were also instrumental in helping me meet all deadlines with success. She was a gift to my study and will be my editor from here on out! Dr. Lori Likis, NSU

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work and assistance. You were absolutely amazing. Very efficient, thorough, and helpful. You are an APA EXPERT and can back up anything you say with references. You came through with all of your promises and met all of my expectations. I would recommend you to any and every one I know in need of an editor. If I am ever in need of any other editing, I would definitely utilize your services again. The experience was a pleasure. Once again, thank you, thank, THANK YOU!! Dr. April D. Jones, NSU

Jennifer Cook is the epitome of an awesome editor: fast, succinct, ridiculously helpful. She really knows her craft and is very easy to work with. I have no clue how anyone could get past Format Review without the help of a good editor. Writing a dissertation is stressful enough to also have to deal with APA minutiae and data tables. I price checked several editors and ultimately went with the one that I thought was the highest skilled. It is better to pay for quality than have to repay for mediocre services. You will not be disappointed. Dr. A. Echeverria-Olvera, NSU

Thank you, thank you for being professional, flawlessly accurate, detail oriented, and above all trustworthy. The dissertation approval process was much easier with your expertise as an editor. I am forever grateful for your help. You are worth more than what you charge. Dr. Sophia Bryan, NSU

Thank you for your phenomenal editing skills throughout my dissertation process. My manuscript was approved following your final edit. Having you as an editor was a blessing. Your kindness, thoroughness and professionalism brought me sanity during the insanity that was the dissertation process. Dr. Yolette Lissade, NSU

I appreciate your time and expertise. Please accept my thanks for the patience, cost effectiveness, timely and technical competencies that you applied when I sought your help, especially at that time as my youngest brother had just passed on and I was so confused. I hereby recommend your quality editing performance to serious students. Thanks again. Dr. Winston I. Stone, Jamaica

I can't speak highly enough about Jennifer Cook and her editorial ability! She is professional, timely, and very knowledgeable of NSU guidelines. As you enter this final stage of your dissertation process, I advocate for you to look no further than Jennifer when seeking an editor. Dr. Mary Jordan

Thanks again for your hard work on my behalf. I will be sure to recommend your services to others; it has been an outstanding professional experience working with you. Dr. K. Urban, Outstanding Dissertation Award, NSU

Dear Jenn, my comp. paper was 160 pages. You were the fourth editor to look at my work. You immediately understood what my problem was and what I was trying to convey as well as my instructor's notes (something the three previous editors could not do). You assured me that you can edit my paper in three days, something else the three previous editors could not do. Needless to say, I was highly skeptical, but three days later, you proved me wrong. As I read my newly edited paper, my eyes lit up with surprise. My own words and thoughts were there but read 100% better. APA mistakes were corrected with references cited to the APA manual. My paper passed my instructor and committee with flying colors on the first submission. Because we share a similar type sense of humor, it was always a joy talking to you. Yes Jenn, you are a great plus in my life and I will be forever grateful to you for being a source great stress reduction and making my comprehensive process go much smoother. Thank you so very much. Dr. C. L. Hedgley, Capella University

I want to take this time to thank you for all of your technical assistance regarding my dissertation. Your belief in me as a researcher, guidance, and emotional support has helped me achieve my educational goals. In the short time that I have been your client, I learned more from you regarding the dissertation process than from my university counselors and instructors and for that I am eternally grateful. You are clearly at the epitome of your craft, and you kept me focused and centered when I was ready to give up due to the unending miscommunication and red-tape issues from university staff that I could not control. In addition, you helped me see something in my work that I had missed because of the back-and-forth stressors that I was experiencing — I had a research product that would truly benefit law enforcement executives and others. Most importantly and from my humble perspective, you got me through final format review with little to no real problems. Dr. J. Carr, NSU

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my dissertation was accepted and made it through the Final Format Review Process [at Fischler/Nova Southeastern University]. You and your services were absolutely wonderful. You were a Godsend. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you. I would love to serve as a reference should you ever need me to. Dr. T. Lowe-Preer, NSU

Jennifer was a blessing from God! She provided professional services with integrity and at a reasonable cost. I learned a valuable lesson after having a horrible editing experience with a "so called" professional editor. I lost time and money dealing with someone who advertised as being competent in APA editing and for Nova. After several rejections by Nova's format reviewer, I realized that this person lacked basic "Editing 101" skills, was incompetent in editing for Nova, and not knowledgeable of APA. Thanks to Jennifer for coming to my rescue. Her understanding of APA and dissertation guidelines for Nova resulted in a quick approval by the format and content reviewers. Her expertise in table formatting is superb! I looked at the changes she made throughout my dissertation and said, "Wow!" I was thoroughly impressed! She is fantastic! I will definitely use her services in the future and continue to recommend her to others. Dr. Jacqueline Shaw, Fischler, NSU

Jennifer you are heaven sent! Thank you a million times. Dr. C. Crum, NSU

Ms. Cook gave me the best quality, most reliable and quickest turn around technical editing services I have ever had. In fact, she has done more than editing as she provided me with invaluable advice and suggestions, which substantially added and enhanced values of my writing. Dr. Paul Chao, Professor and Director, The Graduate Institute of MOT, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Jennifer, thanks for both the substantive and technical feedback from the manuscript. Since using you, my own turnaround time with journal editors has been drastically reduced (and we get along better!). Thanks for the very quick turnaround, I really appreciate it. Dr. Anthony Petrosino, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer provides a wonderful service of helping those of us who are not as skilled as we would like to be in writing. She is not only efficient with time but also cost efficient. Her previous experience is a tremendous asset as she provides helpful and valuable suggestions that are top notch! There were a few times when I used other editors but nothing compares to Jennifer's work. Time and time again I always come back to her if I want excellent service with a quick turn around time. There just isn't another editor like her. She cares that you do well and will work hard for you. Dr. Michele D'Adamo, Capella University, licensed clinical mental health counselor

Jenn is not only an APA maven, but an expert editor with vast experience. She was easy to contact and has provided me with phenomenal response time. She has saved the day for me on several occasions! I highly recommend Jennifer Cook for any research editing projects. Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Adjunct Professor, Midwestern State University

Jennifer was the calm in the storm. She was professional and courteous. Her turn around time was surprisingly fast. Her proofreading and editing services are rigorous. Her attention to detail is unquestionable. She was confident in her recommendations and able to support all recommendations with page numbers from the APA guide as well as the guide for my university, which is Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Joan McGrory, Assistant Professor, Southwest Tennessee Community College

Jennifer has proven to be a valuable part of my successful of chapters in my dissertation. She not only edits and formats my dissertation, but offers much needed suggestions regarding the flow of my dissertation. She has truly made the anxiety of completing this dissertation almost nil. The reassurance that she is familiar with my dissertation co-chairs' expectations for his students' dissertations is wonderful. Additionally, Jennifer has a way of relating to me that makes me feel like we are "old" friends. She is helpful, thoughtful, and very accommodating, based on her schedule and other commitments. I will recommend Jennifer to any and everyone who needs her services. I am very appreciative to her and her commitment to quality work. Dr. W. Yvonne Johnson, University of Texas, principal, Lancaster ISD

I can't tell you what a great help Jennifer has been throughout the dissertation process. She quickly went through my chapters as they were ready and suggested meaningful changes. As a result, my final document was concise, clean, and well written. My dissertation advisor asked me to share the name of my editor with my fellow classmates. She noted that she is one of the best she has seen! You also can't beat the turn-around time. I almost always got my document back within 2 days. I would recommend Jenn to anyone!! Dr. J. Cotton, The George Washington University

The work Jennifer completed was very professional AND she completed it 72 hours early. Her feedback is thorough, giving me an unmatched level of confidence in the end product. Her editing skills are unsurpassed! Jennifer was very willing to work with the particular document requirements of my school, Capella University. I highly recommend her! Dr. Roxanne Beard, Associate Professor, Capella University

Jennifer, you are excellent! I was impressed by how fast you worked on my manuscript and gave it back way before the agreed deadline. You are very thorough and it was good to know that I could come back to you if I needed something else done on the manuscript. You never said you were too busy, although you really were. I definitely would recommend your services to anybody without reservations. I will use your services again. Dr. Jane Weru, The University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer did a fantastic job editing my dissertation in a professional and efficient manner. She was a delight to work with and guided me through a difficult process. She even took the time to download the style and dissertation guides from the university to make sure my paper was done correctly. My dissertation was approved quickly thanks to Jennifer's expertise. Dr. T. Etter

As with all types of bureaucracy, the hurry up and wait mentality of academia is prevalent. Jennifer understands the demands of the organization and how stressful it is to have to comments turned around for review again by the committee. She was immensely helpful in editing and has a thorough understanding of the process. I have recommended her to other doctoral students. Dr. Kevin Cabral

I had been mired in a phase of my PhD dissertation work for quite a long time when I decided I needed "professional help" from an editor. I did a search using the Internet and got responses from several editors who were capable of doing the job. Jennifer was the clear choice for me in the end because of her familiarity both with APA and with the particular idiosyncrasies of Nova Southeastern University's Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences requirements for the work. I have since referred several of the current students to Jennifer, and some students have asked me about "my editor" having been told by faculty that I knew of a good one. I was amazed at how quickly things got moving once I had Jennifer on board. Dr. David L. Gardner, IS Thanks for everything!! If you don't mind I will recommend you to the others who will need your services in the future. Dr. V. Evans, NSU

I am very impressed and pleased with your suggestions and feedback. You truly have a gift for writing! I really appreciate your additional sentence inputs. They truly made the connection and brought meaning to what I was trying to articulate. Once again I thank you for all of your guidance and your most sincere interest in helping me out. I appreciate your time, your humor, and your expertise…Wow…You are quite the Miracle Worker! Dr. F. Hatzopoulos

Jennifer was superior in the editing services she has provided me for doctorate comprehensives and dissertation services. Jen was able to get me through a very stressful and demanding comprehensive paper requirement in my doctorate program (254 pages of edited work). Jen is an expert in APA and was also able to defend her APA expertise to my mentor as needed. Jen has a very quick turnaround time that astounds me. She is reliable and dependable to complete editing as scheduled. I have referred multiple clients to her who have shared their appreciation of her expertise. Dr. Walter Brooks, CEO/owner, Professional Counseling Agency

Jennifer worked with me to set expectations as to when it would be done, then exceeded those expectations. The changes she recommended were spot on, she even pointed out the page and paragraph of the APA manual where I could find the reference. I would use this service again in a heartbeat! Not only was the service fast, it was much more affordable than any other service I found. Greg White, IT Manager, Wilbur Chocolate

Jennifer, I can't tell you how much I've come to rely upon your terrific editing skills. Your knowledge of APA, your ability to comprehend and clarify confusing text, and your commitment to quick turnaround are just a few of your many talents. I sincerely hope I have access to your services for a very long time. Thank you. Dr. Joy C. Phillips, Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Jennifer, your quality and speed are incredible. My dissertation timeline has been accelerated as a result of your work. I'm lucky to have had you work on my research. Thanks again for making life a little less stressful. If I get the itch to publish, I'm calling you. Dr. Randy Waynick, Capella University, Graduate School of Business

Wow! You are quick. I can truly say your work and timely responses were excellent. I was extremely pleased with your services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any graduate student. Your knowledge of current APA style and editing for sentence structure and understanding helped me complete my doctoral dissertation. Thank you. Dr. Anne Mannarino, The George Washington University

Jennifer, You did a great job! Thanks again for your life-saving services! You do a great job and your turn-around time is unbelievable. Thanks again. Dr. Austin A. Lane, Dean of Students, The University of Texas at Arlington.